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About Copy Cat You

Hi, my name is Paula. And I am your official (latest online recipe, craft, fad etc.) tester extraordinaire. Let me tell you a little bit about why I started this webpage and why I think you will love it too.

I am not an expert in anything, (however, I may try to convince you differently after a couple glasses of wine…because, that is when I know everything). I have my masters in social work, I have a little boy who is too smart for his own good and some pretty interesting friends and family. Like many people, I also surf the web for questions, tutorials, reviews, information and more. One of my favorite places, is Pinterest. But, regardless of where I find new recipes, projects, gadgets or any other DIY project, I wonder…”how easy is this? Like for real?” I feel like the people who share these projects and tutorials have craft rooms, home gyms, obsessive compulsive disorder (the organized one, not my chaotic OCD) and some sort of hidden talent that I was not born with and may never be able to obtain.

I have tried many projects that I have found online. Some experiences have been very successful. Some have been a total train wreck. And lucky for you, I am now going to share all of my experiences here online. My goal is to provide you with the honest experience and feedback from a mom who has too much on her plate, and not enough time in the day. Warning: I am usually very sarcastic; however, all reviews and experiences will be 100% honest. I will try my hardest to follow directions (hopefully my habits have changed since I was in first grade and was unable to do so) and provide you with an entertaining yet, quality review.

Reviews will be either: easy, medium or hard. And will get either a thumbs up or thumbs down.

I also ask that you share with me how you may do things differently and I invite you to make suggestions on things that I should test out as well.

Ready? Set. Go.